About Me and Golden Turtle Sound

rob treaphort profile pic

Golden Turtle Sound was founded by Robert Hewitt (aka Treaphort) in order to provide quality audio services to the underground music scene.

As a live audio engineer for almost 2 decades I’ve had the opportunity to work with all types of bands and artists across the board, from children’s music to acoustic singer/songwriter to hip-hop, jazz- and afro-bands, I’ve absorbed lessons from the shaping and molding of it all.

I am a trained mix and mastering engineer with over 5 years of professional studio experience. 

Passionate, knowledgeable and experienced in both studio and live settings, I am always working diligently to stay up-to-date on best practices in the industry of sound.

A striving goal of Golden Turtle Sound is providing our clients with finished products that are not only held high to industry standards, but that also reflect each clients unique artistic vision, intentions and goal for the project.


At Golden Turtle Sound I hold the client’s intention and vision with the utmost care and respect, recognizing that, much like our other conscious decisions, there are things we can choose to do auditorily in order to bring more peace and harmony to ourselves, one-another and our surroundings. It is one of the major efforts at Golden Turtle Sound to resonate with the intentions of our clients in order to harmonize, balance, and maximize the potential of each project. This is my practice in both Studio and Live settings.

How I Work

I work diligently within the boundaries of each project to determine how to best collaborate with the intention of my client. It is a journey enjoyed from start to finish. Using my unique skillset and knowledge (and gear) I can match the creative inspirations of the client. Whether you desire a classic analog or Abbey Road type of sound, that cutting edge punch like the leading pop-stars of todays culture, or a uniquely crafted style for your own vision, GTS is happy to get you and your audio from ( A ) to ( B ) and guarantees it will stand up to that of the leaders in the industry.
I strive to provide the best quality products and services in the market.