Starting Up a New Community on Skool

Hey y'all! Treaphort here. . .

I’m excited to be starting up something new in my life. After working in and around the audio industry for a while I’ve been starting to think of new ways to work this whole thing. I’ve been having lots of thoughts around where the music industry is at and where music, in general, is headed.

As we move in to the future, I want to always remember why it is that I even started working on music in the first place! For me, as a pre-teen and teenager, I was all about exploration in the sonic space, and fascinated with the power of sound and music. I started producing at a young age and played bass guitar in bands, but my favorite times were when it would just me in a pair of headphones playing around with sounds and synthesizers.

It became a way for me to do a sort of active meditation and transmutation process; and it's that sort of energy that I would like to maintain and share with the world.

When making music and bringing it to life there is always something magical that happens, an alchemical experience for those that are curating the sound. So I’m pondering what it might look like to focus on that in life, rather than simply “production, mixing, and mastering”.

I think it would look less like working FOR clients on audio, and more like working WITH clients on audio.

It would be about diving super deep with people on their songwriting and production process, and helping to really nail the emotion they are feeling during the process. Something happens when an awesome producer and engineer collaborate as conduits for artists, holding high standards for quality and depth.

We remove the blocks around “getting the sound you want” and allow you speak and play your vision in to existence.

So the Skool group is about gathering community, sharing and learning about ways to bring our music in to its highest form.