Studio​ & Production Services

Repair, Restore & Edit

  • Clean up any unwanted and random noises
  • Remove annoying hum or fan noises
  • Fix clicks and pops
  • De-breath or breath reduction (if desired)
  • Reduce harsh frequencies
  • Balance the energy, smooth transitions

Repair, Restoration & Editing



  • Repair, Restoration, Editing Service
  • Adjustments for timing and tuning
  • Leveling, EQ, Dynamics and Saturation
  • Individual Track Automation
  • Analog Modeled Summing

Track Mix



  • Frequency Spectrum Balance
  • Dynamics and Imaging Adjustment
  • Analog Saturation and Excitement
  • Limiting and Loudness Leveling

Track Master



EP, Album & Podcast Packages

  • GTS Repair, Restoration & Editing
  • GTS Mixing
  • GTS Mastering

Podcast Package


EP Package


Album Package


Sound Design

Got a project you are working on that needs sound to bring it all together? We an help you bring your video or webinar to life, or help to provide a unique beat or backing track for your next hip-hop single.
We are honored to bring our sound design knowledge to your project! Contact Us.