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We help independent artists realize their sonic vision, develop their brand, and grow their business.

As a producer and engineer I’ve worked with hundreds of bands, artists and businesses in both studio and live settings. 

From the start of a production through to a finished master and ultimately out on to the stage, my experience has led me all over the landscape of musical genres, podcasts and media for business.

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About Treaphort // Golden Turtle Sound

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Rob Treaphort, a lifelong devotee to the artistry of sound, began his journey into the realm of audio production at the tender age of 12. Armed with little more than belt-drive turntables and cassette tape recorders, his passion for shaping sonic landscapes was ignited.

Throughout middle school and high school, Rob found his niche producing beats for break-dance crews and fueling the energy of freestyle rap battles. Transitioning from beats to bass, he immersed himself in the vibrant worlds of ska-punk and reggae bands, honing his skills in audio recording, mixing, and mastering through self-recording these very bands.

While pursuing a degree in Integrative Physiology, Rob delved deeper into the intricate relationship between sound physics and our biological connections to sound. This fusion of disciplines lent a unique perspective to his understanding of audio, enriching his work as both a DJ at ecstatic dance events for over a decade and a live audio engineer from college to the present day.

In 2014, he founded Golden Turtle Sound, a testament to his expertise and passion. From sound system rentals and engineering to branching out into remote studio work in 2018, Rob’s journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to sonic excellence. His pursuit of mastery led him to become a certified mix and master engineer through the esteemed Mastering Academy in Hamburg, Germany.

Today, Rob’s dedication to the art of sound remains the driving force behind his life and work. His music-related business, Golden Turtle Sound, stands as a testament to his love for crafting immersive sonic experiences, where he continues to weave his expertise and passion into every project.

A striving goal of Golden Turtle Sound is providing my clients with a finished product that is not only held high to industry standards, but that also reflect each clients unique artistic vision, intentions and goal for the project.

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