Bethy LoveLight – Testimonial

Bethy LoveLight praises Golden Turtle Sound for masterfully mastering her hip-hop/electronic music, including her latest EP ‘LuvHum.’ She appreciates how Treaphort aligns her artistic vision with his skilled mastering techniques, resulting in enduring ‘diamond’ tracks that reflect a harmonious collaboration. She expresses profound gratitude for their work.

Tr9nsfer – Testimonial

Golden Turtle Sound excels in mixing, mastering, and beat production for alternative hip-hop. Praised for their outstanding work on two albums, they are noted for their patience, humor, and valuable creative contributions in realizing artistic visions. Highly recommended for their professional and effective collaboration.

C. Waters – Testimonial

C. Waters, an alternative hip-hop artist, hired GTS for services in mixing, mastering, and beat production. The artist highly commends Treaphort for their exceptional skill and patience, noting Treaphort’s significant role in achieving a high-quality, visionary final product in various collaborations.